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The Teacher and the Preacher

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A dialogue to heal ancient wounds and bring understanding where there has been confusion and misunderstanding.

Based on his many years of open inter-faith dialogue, Moshe Kempinski opens up the world of Torah Judaism and allows the reader to enter into the theological thinking of an Orthodox Jewish teacher.

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7 thoughts on “Biblical Products Shop”

  1. I was blessed in 2018 to have gone into the shop and purchase Ruth. Moshe was so kind and patient with me as I was in a rush to meet the bus!
    The ‘paintings’ are beautiful and amazing.

  2. I visited your shop Moshe, in the beginning of February this year. I purchased a Queen Esther ring and it reminds me daily of you and your shop. I also purchased a book for my mom and you gave her a book mark. I enjoy your ongoing web teachings. God Bless you.

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