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Six Heart Star of David

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The Six Heart Star of David

"...Trust in the L-rd with all your heart..."

(proverbs 3:5)

Six hearts represents the six days of creation ; all focused on the Shabbat ( the Divine day of rest) in the center.
Six days we work and create and all that labor and effort must be focused on the seventh day ,the Shabbat, when all creation "returns" to our Creator.

sterling silver with mother of pearl inlays

1/2 " diameter

*at reduced price as part of our new SHORASHIM PARTNERSHIP PROJECT
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7 thoughts on “Biblical Products Shop”

  1. I was blessed in 2018 to have gone into the shop and purchase Ruth. Moshe was so kind and patient with me as I was in a rush to meet the bus!
    The ‘paintings’ are beautiful and amazing.

  2. I visited your shop Moshe, in the beginning of February this year. I purchased a Queen Esther ring and it reminds me daily of you and your shop. I also purchased a book for my mom and you gave her a book mark. I enjoy your ongoing web teachings. God Bless you.

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