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There are times that an item does not show up on our web site but it was in our shop.If such an item is of interest you can be in touch with us at [email protected] Then when if you decide to order it you need to simply choose this SPECIAL ORDERS item and adjust the quantity amount so that it matches the product price

We hope this will help those of you who remebered an item from our shop in Jerusalem but do not know how to go about and purchase it

Thank you

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7 thoughts on “Biblical Products Shop”

  1. I was blessed in 2018 to have gone into the shop and purchase Ruth. Moshe was so kind and patient with me as I was in a rush to meet the bus!
    The ‘paintings’ are beautiful and amazing.

  2. I visited your shop Moshe, in the beginning of February this year. I purchased a Queen Esther ring and it reminds me daily of you and your shop. I also purchased a book for my mom and you gave her a book mark. I enjoy your ongoing web teachings. God Bless you.

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